Which is Cheapest – Online Shopping or Bargain Supermarkets

It is one of the questions that most shoppers ask, while online shopping is the most convenient, easiest and the least time consuming, are they may be more expensive than bargain shops where pushing a trolley is still the only way to save?

To get this burning question answered the only options were to challenge shoppers and measure up the benefits from both groups, the one believing nothing beats bargain supermarkets and the other voting online shopping the best.

To be fair in the test both groups of savvy shopper got the same list of twenty basic items and had to try to get these at the most affordable prices, while one group had to purchase only online the others had to find the cheapest in-store. This experience was a great way to test many shopping theories on how to get grocery bills lower week after week and some of the tips are bound to benefit your next shopping experience.

Online Shoppers

Online shoppers had three top online supermarkets on their list, which included Morrisons, Asda and Tesco. Each could open different baskets to compare the prices of the items on the list.

This group were mostly working moms that appreciated the online shopping experience due to the time they saved as well as going shopping with kids always ends up in spending much more than planned. Most agreed that at the end of their shopping experience, previously when they still went to physical stores, the items going past on the conveyer belt could have been cut by most since several were not needed. This is where online shopping offers a major benefit at everything in your virtual trolley can be checked before the “buy” option is selected and just about everyone in this group agreed that their saving per week due to the check option is equal to at least $50.

Due to how quick online shopping is it leaves a lot of time to check prizes between your two or three favourite shops, and mostly they each have a different list of items on their weekly specials list. Whether prices are cheaper or not, online shopping cuts out the hassle of parking and with Clubcard points earned via online shopping this group would not change even if it is a bit cheaper to go to physical stores.

Shopping In-Store

Even the in-store shoppers used mobile apps to determine where the items on the list were best priced and went shopping with some vouchers found in magazines. The saving of first checking prices amounted to at least $10. At the end the in-store shoppers won the challenge by 79p and their most important tip was, never just accept a price, first check out all stores in your area and buy from the specials.

Most individuals in the in-store shopping group prefer to pick out their own items especially when it comes to fruit, meat and veggies and shops around for everything from insurance to energy. Unfortunately, the list of items on the list is not available but the saving of just 79p is not going to change the minds of online shoppers.