What Amazon brings to Online Grocery Shopping Arena

Prime Day is an annual event at Amazon, recently in July, the fourth prime day and for 36 hours and this year, it included a new addition, Amazon-owned whole foods now part of the discounts and exclusive sales. The five trends spurring the amazing Amazon growth in groceries are making waves in the shoppable universe.

Naturally Adaption of Online – Offline Shopping by Consumers

One thing that is clearly visible is how naturally individuals are adapting to online shopping, illustrated by the introduction of lockers by Amazon at their whole food stores since the acquisition in 2017. The lockers are a sign of the physical penetration of e-commerce into the shopping space, especially online grocery shopping, at the same time the lockers are also a brand contact point for in-store food shoppers displaying the various point of sale options continuously increasing.

In the modern shoppable universe big brands bring convenient purchasing opportunities directly to the public. One of the strong points is Amazon offering a space in which groceries can be ordered or purchased online and then collected. Another popular option is delivery of purchased items melting away all the spatial and time-based barriers.

An Exciting Culture of Convenience

At the end of 2017, Amazon Fresh grocery delivery was one of their major services ended in around five states due to the extremely high cost of cold storage units. This year Amazon had some of the best fresh deals available and prime members could take $25 off their first order while several promotional codes allow a 30% discount. A huge number of consumers are excited regarding the e-commerce increasing convenience shopping while some continue to prefer grocery shopping in person.

Still when it comes to statistics over 69% of US individuals now do their monthly shopping online and despite the belief that online grocery shopping still has a long way to go, in 2017 grocery sales at Amazon increased by 35%. Multiple states now have access to the 2-hour delivery service offered by Amazon for all grocery shopping, which is one of the biggest reasons why more and more consumers are keen to do grocery shopping online.

Alexa Gives Online Grocery Shopping A Huge Push

Electronic gadgets and goods are a big part of prime day sales and with Alexa integrating into more homes, consumers can outsource even the decision-making process, well over 41% of US citizens are keen on the idea and service that would allow Alexa to automatically replenish household supplies. With the assistance of Alexa providing millions with the option to voice shop for groceries and household items, statistics show that in 2017 nine times as much as previous years was asked from Alexa than the year before.

Voice shopping is the smart way to order, its quick and brand preferences are locked in the re-ordering system. The challenge in future would be for brands to attract consumers, a task Amazon is well aware off and already profiting from.