U.S. Customers Get to Purchase Groceries Online from Target

In the United States, Target started testing the delivery and online grocery shopping waters. The discounter’s Minneapolis branch teamed up with Instacart since 2012 to offer an exciting online delivery service, allowing Minneapolis shoppers to order perishables, fruits, as well as other products such as baby, pet as well as household items online and then, have their order delivered home in a short time period, in most instances in an hour.

The service that started on Tuesday, according to Target is an experiment that could lead to expansion to several other markets. This move from Target is aimed to boost business via online shopping, and the marketing strategy is under the management of Brian Cornell, the current CEO on board since August 2014. Cornell focusses on reshaping the business and is heating up the grocery delivery market via quick and easy online shopping.

There is however even more good news for individuals who prefer ordering their weekly or monthly groceries from the comfort of their home. In Ottawa, Walmart.ca started offering online grocery orders to be picked up. In 2007 Amazon.com, the king of online retailing started testing Amazon fresh grocery online ordering and delivery in Seattle, and this experiment led to more expansion and online services expanded to San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and parts of New York.

Even, the largest food retailer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. started testing the online grocery ordering pickup and delivery system in five markets. Although at current, a national offering for both the retailers is still indefinable. On the other hand, Instacart, based in San Francisco, which is working with several other retailers such as Costco, Whole Foods Market and Petco shared that Minneapolis is their eighteenth market.

Ordering Groceries from the Comfort of Home: How it Works:

You need to go online and visit http://www.instacart.com or the mobile app for Instacart via Android or iPhone, select the store and city, start adding items to the online shopping cart and once all items are selected chose a delivery. Shoppers can select from several delivery windows including a one or two-hour delivery or even delivery scheduled for a specified time in future. What is great is that the first delivery is free of charge, while future deliveries cost for the two-hour around $5.99 and the one hour about $35 while the order fee is $3.99.

The growth opportunity for this conveniently way of ordering groceries from home is endless. As more people become accustomed to the getting their groceries delivered to their home, market expectations are that the percentage of customers choosing to shop for their groceries online will increase. Currently, the market is untapped but could easily amount to 40% of many grocers business in the next ten years.