Shopping Online While Social Distancing (part 1)

How to shop online safely and effectively during this disease?

To shop online safely during the epidemic, you should identify the right reasons and things to buy to save time as well as money. After that, please follow the prevention rules when receiving goods to protect yourself.

Foods that are dry and easy to preserve

The evolution of the disease has changed the psychology as well as the daily living habits of many people, especially the shopping habit. In times of keeping social distance, consumers tend to buy more food to store.

However, to avoid over-buying or buying unnecessary products, make smart purchases and choose foods based on the following criteria: saving, easy processing, and nutritional value Nursing and have a long time to use. You should buy eggs, noodles, tubers like carrots, sweet potatoes or fresh foods that can be stored long in the freezer like pork, chicken, fish, etc.

In addition, to supplement nutrients and increase resistance, consumers should also choose supporting foods such as ginseng, ready-to-eat bird’s nest or honey to add to the family’s diet, which helps improve immunity. They will enhance the immune system in particular and the overall health in general.

Types of necessities

During a complex epidemic, the most important thing to prevent is to keep personal hygiene and clean the house regularly. Even indoors, you often come into contact with potentially bacteria-containing surfaces like doorknobs, tables and chairs and more. Therefore, washing your hands with soap to remove dirt and bacteria from your hands will help prevent infection.

Not only that, keeping the home clean and well-ventilated so as not to create conditions for bacteria to grow. In addition to regular soap, multi-purpose cleaning fluid will be an effective aid in eliminating bacteria as well as molds that are hard to see with the naked eye, which helps limit the cause of infection.