Online sports store opening process

The process of opening an online sports store also needs to follow some basic steps like opening a traditional sports store. Specifically:

Step 1: Identify customers and key items

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Identify customers and key items

Sporting goods have many types, from clothes, to tools, from cheap to high prices, customers also have many components, Are you strong enough to take all the products? Can we reach all customers? According to experience, you should focus on the key product that you understand and then develop more neighboring products, expand the market later. Thus, we have to choose our own customers, specific products, from that key product, we can hit the big market.

Step 2: Find supplies

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Find sports goods supplies

Surveying and finding sources of goods is a very important step, you should pay attention to this factor, because the product will be associated with your long-term sales process. Source of sports products is very diverse, many models, quick product updates and there are many sources for you to choose from.

If you have conditions, you can also get the goods directly from the distributor without going through the level I dealer but there is something you have to enter with a fairly high order to get a good discount, or order items from countries like Japan, Korea, France, etc., taking goods from abroad if they cannot afford to take place in person, you must have relationships with individuals who are living or traveling in other countries, however Each country where the number of products you enter is more or less, fast or slow …

Step 3: Build an online store!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Build an online store!

You start selling online on the internet after preparing everything carefully, you can proceed every step as follows:

Create a store to sell products: you can create a website (1 website set up is quite simple, low cost so it only takes 1, 2 days you have got your own website already), or you can create a selling blog goods, sales on Facebook, on e-commerce websites.

– Prepare product content and write articles about your products

– Advertise that product to your customers.

In addition to creating accounts on classified sites, you can also open a booth on your personal page at some social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram,…









4 Factors That Help Online Grocery Store Reach High Sales

Currently, despite the development of convenience stores and mini supermarkets grocery stores are still favored by many people because of the habit of buying goods near home and convenience. Benefits and comfort when bargaining on price.

However, the competitiveness of this traditional form of trading is declining, the profit from business is no longer as high as it used before, requiring sellers to innovate from product quality to care customers, and so online groceries were born. We would like to send you the following analysis of the factors that make an online grocery store highly effective.

1. Diverse goods


One of the reasons that grocery stores can no longer keep high revenue is that it was because the goods sold were too monotonous and big, the buyers always demanded the unique newness so they naturally did not want to In addition, only when it is really necessary or lack of daily supplies, new buyers are reluctant to go to the store. Thus, if you are really passionate about this type of business, you should renew goods and parallel Japanese furniture, please enter new designs with affordable prices, surely will attract a large number of customers. More and more revenue also increased.

2. Effective advertising

Running ads is a way for people to know you more, not just to narrow them down in traditional clichés that reduce sales performance. Currently online sales can advertise on websites and social networking sites, you can use Google Adwords to display on Google search engine, use services of Facebook, Instagram,… However do not abuse them, if not just spend a lot of money but the effect is not high.

3. Delivery

Online business is of course indispensable to ship goods to customers, from inner city delivery to other provinces and cities. What you need to do is find the reputable and fast shipping units that the cost per order is not high.

4. Strictly manage the stages

The variety of goods makes the seller confuse, in addition to the online grocery business includes many stages such as statistics of import – export, sales and multi-channel advertising,… mastering shop tired, headaches lead to mistakes in judgment, making decisions that lack accuracy. To reduce the burden on you, the most useful solution is none other than extensive sales management software. This software will help you save time because it manages all kinds of problems such as controlling the number of products in stock, inventory of goods sold and managing employees if any.


In addition, integrating Omnichannel multi-channel sales and automatic call ship makes your management easier. Omnichannel manages products as well as orders in both online and offline modes, optimizing the process of trading to increase store revenue. Automatic call ship software will shorten the time of goods to customers, increase reliability and create a sense of comfort for buyers.

Thus, grasping the above factors certainly brings your store’s profits up with speed. Along with that, you need to consult the trading methods from competitors to improve business efficiency.









The Attention To Business Clothing Online

Reputation is one of the easiest business items for today, the clothes were always be money for the choice of any object. The options trading this is purely a not bad if you combine the strengths of itself and the particularities of this type.

Depending on the item as well as your audience toward that there are certain strategies to attract the attention of customers coming to your service. Each person has a different way of looking at but emerged at all should pay attention to:

Create own style

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Create own style

Please give your spirit child private ones to customers will remember you more easily. The decoration or the lovely, green space or dominant colors. Always update the latest fashion trend: this, then sure, you cannot sell a product form forever have errors fad from several years ago. Fashion is a very strong tendency to eat, let’s catch this and you will be a lot of solicitations.

Enthusiastic staffs, good advice

Hình ảnh có liên quan

This is for sure! You must not be at any time you can also stand there and talk with guests, the team of staff is the bridge important to put your products closer to the consumer. Please consider carefully and selected for their optimal personnel to more favorable business.

Push marketing, promote products

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Push marketing

Make good use of the internet and the explosion of social networking sites to promote your products. It is the shortest way to attract the attention of visitors to your shop. This is considered the item sold online run by the intimacy of the communication between shop and customers.

To ensure good quality

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You can sell once with a guest when the quality is not as introduced. But if good quality, durable products, then they will be ready to become the customer’s shop and more is going to drag all of your friends and family to.

Manage and prevent loss

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This is very important, make sure that the security of your product and not lost in the process of selling, otherwise you just go do not work. Combined with management software that helps enhance the professionalism and reliability of customers.