How to buy goods on Thai websites online?

To buy Thai goods online is not too difficult but to find the website link to order Thai products is not simple. We would like to introduce a list of reputable online Thai sales websites.

Thai e-commerce summary

In Thailand, e-commerce is quite developed but there is a clear stratification so there are not too many options for customers if they want to buy online at reputable websites.

Unlike websites in the US, UK, South Korea, China, the online sales websites in Thailand are less known, so fewer people buy goods online through these websites but mostly direct goods.

To overcome these difficulties, Vologi offers a number of famous and reputable Thai online sales websites so that you can refer to your choice of suitable items.

Thai online sales websites

Thai Lazada (

Number 1 online sales website in Thailand is Lazada. This website allows business users to register direct sales to consumers through stores.

We Love Shopping (

This is the oldest onine sales website in Thailand and there are many types of items on sale here.

Previously, We love shopping was Thailand’s No. 1 website in the field of e-commerce, but in recent years because of Lazada’s fierce competition, it dropped to 2nd place. However, this is also a website. have a high traffic and relatively large transaction volume. We love shopping goods are also quite secure so it is also a good source to import to Vietnam for business

Tarad (

Behind the two famous names is Tarad. This is a website selling directly from sellers to buyers.

Goods on Tarad are quite diverse and there are many extremely cheap products. However, unlike the two B2C sales websites above, this is an inter-personal sales website so the reputation and product quality you should also be aware when buying.

Looksi (

Like the zalora of Thailand, looksi also focuses on the retail of fashion and cosmetics online to individual consumers.

After Zalora withdrew from Thailand in 2017, many fashion retail websites appeared to take over and Looksi was one of the leading websites among them. They have impressive growth and now have more than 500 brands, 50,000 products are sold online with hundreds of new products appearing every week.

If you want to buy quality Thai fashion products, you can visit the website and choose a outfit you like. Website designed with 2 languages Thai and English.