Samsung Fridge Shops for You

Samsung finally introduces the latest in home automation for your kitchen. No more do you need the shopping lists or regret forgetting something when you return from the shops as you’ll no longer need to go out for groceries at all.

The new Samsung RF22M9581SR French Door fridge comes with a hefty price tag but provides everything you could possibly desire, thanks to a huge 21.5 screen slapped on the front of it. Sure, it tells you all about the fridge, allows you to change settings and even access some cool online features, but the most impressive part about the new revolution is the part MasterCard introduces. Even though it was introduced in 2016, now is the time to buy one as all the small changes have taken place to make it great. MasterCard allows users to link the fridge to online stores such as ShopRite and FreshDirect with many new options now being available.

So, now even our fridges have apps, what else is new?  Well, quite a lot actually. The fridge does a lot more than just improve your shopping abilities as it actually helps you keep track of your groceries. On the inside, it has three cameras that take a picture each time the door closes. This allows the fridge to keep track of things such as the milk levels and what’s not been replaced. You can see this on your iOS or Android app as well, which are also linked directly to the store, allowing you to order items instantly and have them delivered.

Since the fridge links to online stores, it doesn’t only allow you to purchase things that need to be replaced, but other items in the store as well. Whether you need new razor blades, toothpaste or need some new soap, the fridge and the apps on your smartphone allow you to order it instantly.

As if that’s not enough, the Samsung fridge also introduces a new level of entertainment to the first as it can mirror what’s playing on your Samsung Smart TV or play music through your phone or an app on the fridge.

It Learns

As you use the fridge more, it begins to understand your needs and recommends items based on your previous purchases. It can even recommend specials from other linked stores, making it the perfect partner for shopping in every home.

Since the release in 2016, third-party apps have become available for the fridge, allowing you to look at thousands of recipes with step by step instructions. It now also links to Alexa, AppleHome and Google, making it even easier as they can add things to the next cart for you.

In addition to the kitchen, shopping and entertainment apps, use the fridge to keep track of things on your calendar, leave notes for the family and keep up to date with everything everyone else in the house is doing in the month ahead.

Whether you’re simply using it too, keep the fridge stocked, or it becomes your perfect party planning partner. The new Samsung fridge introduces advantages to your kitchens you’ll never be able to do without after getting one.