Online Shopping in Japan on Rakuten and Amazon

Technology is increasingly developing, the purchase of goods through e-commerce sites is also increasingly popular due to convenient payment system and fast shipping methods.

Japan is a leading country in technology, so buying online is relatively simple. The world of online goods in Japan is very rich and complete. With just a few simple clicks, you can immediately buy yourself a set of clothes or a car without having to go to specialized stores. Therefore, if you study and work in Japan, ordering Japanese goods online and paying are two indispensable skills.

Rakuten vs Amazon is currently the two most used e-commerce sites in Japan. Here you can find almost everything you want to buy. In addition, there are e-commerce sites specializing in a certain kind of goods, such as Kakaku, which sells electronic goods, Nissen specializes in men and women fashion, beauty, furniture, kitchenware, baby, grocery , Nitori specializes in furniture and appliances. You should consult prices on many pages to make the best decision. According to many people with experience in this field, each e-commerce site has different strengths and weaknesses.

Amazon site has an easy-to-see, user-friendly interface. In addition to me, purchases, payments, and delivery via Amazon are also simpler than Rakuten, because Amazon has a very developed logistics system.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Rakuten

Rakuten site has put a lot of advertising banners in Japanese so it can cause dizziness for users, especially users who do not understand Japanese. However, when purchasing products on Rakuten, there is a unique feature that allows users to accumulate points to buy more free items later.

Specialized websites such as Kakaku, Nittori, Nissen, although the category of goods is not as abundant as the other two big ones, but it is an ideal place to consult prices and purchase electronic items, furniture… How to stick Maths of electronic websites are done very simply and quickly.

There are three types of payment: direct payment, convenience store payment and credit card payment. In general, online shopping in Japan is convenient and simple. If you master this skill, it will make your life in Japan much simpler.








Online sports store opening process

The process of opening an online sports store also needs to follow some basic steps like opening a traditional sports store. Specifically:

Step 1: Identify customers and key items

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Identify customers and key items

Sporting goods have many types, from clothes, to tools, from cheap to high prices, customers also have many components, Are you strong enough to take all the products? Can we reach all customers? According to experience, you should focus on the key product that you understand and then develop more neighboring products, expand the market later. Thus, we have to choose our own customers, specific products, from that key product, we can hit the big market.

Step 2: Find supplies

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Find sports goods supplies

Surveying and finding sources of goods is a very important step, you should pay attention to this factor, because the product will be associated with your long-term sales process. Source of sports products is very diverse, many models, quick product updates and there are many sources for you to choose from.

If you have conditions, you can also get the goods directly from the distributor without going through the level I dealer but there is something you have to enter with a fairly high order to get a good discount, or order items from countries like Japan, Korea, France, etc., taking goods from abroad if they cannot afford to take place in person, you must have relationships with individuals who are living or traveling in other countries, however Each country where the number of products you enter is more or less, fast or slow …

Step 3: Build an online store!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Build an online store!

You start selling online on the internet after preparing everything carefully, you can proceed every step as follows:

Create a store to sell products: you can create a website (1 website set up is quite simple, low cost so it only takes 1, 2 days you have got your own website already), or you can create a selling blog goods, sales on Facebook, on e-commerce websites.

– Prepare product content and write articles about your products

– Advertise that product to your customers.

In addition to creating accounts on classified sites, you can also open a booth on your personal page at some social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram,…









4 Factors That Help Online Grocery Store Reach High Sales

Currently, despite the development of convenience stores and mini supermarkets grocery stores are still favored by many people because of the habit of buying goods near home and convenience. Benefits and comfort when bargaining on price.

However, the competitiveness of this traditional form of trading is declining, the profit from business is no longer as high as it used before, requiring sellers to innovate from product quality to care customers, and so online groceries were born. We would like to send you the following analysis of the factors that make an online grocery store highly effective.

1. Diverse goods


One of the reasons that grocery stores can no longer keep high revenue is that it was because the goods sold were too monotonous and big, the buyers always demanded the unique newness so they naturally did not want to In addition, only when it is really necessary or lack of daily supplies, new buyers are reluctant to go to the store. Thus, if you are really passionate about this type of business, you should renew goods and parallel Japanese furniture, please enter new designs with affordable prices, surely will attract a large number of customers. More and more revenue also increased.

2. Effective advertising

Running ads is a way for people to know you more, not just to narrow them down in traditional clichés that reduce sales performance. Currently online sales can advertise on websites and social networking sites, you can use Google Adwords to display on Google search engine, use services of Facebook, Instagram,… However do not abuse them, if not just spend a lot of money but the effect is not high.

3. Delivery

Online business is of course indispensable to ship goods to customers, from inner city delivery to other provinces and cities. What you need to do is find the reputable and fast shipping units that the cost per order is not high.

4. Strictly manage the stages

The variety of goods makes the seller confuse, in addition to the online grocery business includes many stages such as statistics of import – export, sales and multi-channel advertising,… mastering shop tired, headaches lead to mistakes in judgment, making decisions that lack accuracy. To reduce the burden on you, the most useful solution is none other than extensive sales management software. This software will help you save time because it manages all kinds of problems such as controlling the number of products in stock, inventory of goods sold and managing employees if any.


In addition, integrating Omnichannel multi-channel sales and automatic call ship makes your management easier. Omnichannel manages products as well as orders in both online and offline modes, optimizing the process of trading to increase store revenue. Automatic call ship software will shorten the time of goods to customers, increase reliability and create a sense of comfort for buyers.

Thus, grasping the above factors certainly brings your store’s profits up with speed. Along with that, you need to consult the trading methods from competitors to improve business efficiency.









Some Famous Brands Of Sport Shoes

It is hard to deny the appeal of the sporty, healthy sports shoes. Discover the classic models of shoes that never fail.

1. Nike Air Jordan 1


The strong and well-known sports atmosphere is associated with the Michael Jordan legend, making Nike Air Jordan 1 a monumental figure in the history of the world’s sports shoes. This design has leather material that is considered to be incredibly durable.

2. Adidas Superstar


This is the name of the shoe that has been named in 2015, making the world feel strong with strong influence on the workplace. True to its name, Superstar with three stripes on a white background makes the person stand out like a star and easily coordinated with any outfit, from sports and work to the streets.

3. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

The concept of fad doesn’t seem to touch Converse’s All Stars design. These shoes have become a true legend with a modern, youthful, comfortable look and reasonable price.

4. New Balance 574

Hình: New Balance 574 Grey/Black + On Foot Review

574 is a great solution for those who love sports style but are afraid of the rigidity or lust characteristic of sports shoes. The N logo on suede material is the defining characteristic of ultra-light shoes 574. The variety of colors also helps this shoe model to be fashionable, causing many Korean stars to be crazy.

5. Vans Classic Slip-on


Never really causing fever or leading the trend, but Vans classic loafers are always loved by young people because of their superior convenience, sure in every step and the dusty style, becoming inspirational of many other styles of loafers.

6. Adidas Stan Smith


The design is simple but not monotonous when Stan Smith proves attractive over the years. The whole body of the shoe is white, the colors are most recognized and clear through two fixed color patches in the sketch of Stan Smith. The inscription on the tongue and the rear heel, the rest are white, white and white.

7. Nike Huarache


It has to be acknowledged that Huarache is one of the most popular and popular designs of shoe players since its launch. It is the blending of the two extremes: soft – flexible and sturdy – strong has made Huarache so loved, even the love that people give to it is not inferior when compared to the legendary shoes.







The Attention To Business Clothing Online

Reputation is one of the easiest business items for today, the clothes were always be money for the choice of any object. The options trading this is purely a not bad if you combine the strengths of itself and the particularities of this type.

Depending on the item as well as your audience toward that there are certain strategies to attract the attention of customers coming to your service. Each person has a different way of looking at but emerged at all should pay attention to:

Create own style

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Create own style

Please give your spirit child private ones to customers will remember you more easily. The decoration or the lovely, green space or dominant colors. Always update the latest fashion trend: this, then sure, you cannot sell a product form forever have errors fad from several years ago. Fashion is a very strong tendency to eat, let’s catch this and you will be a lot of solicitations.

Enthusiastic staffs, good advice

Hình ảnh có liên quan

This is for sure! You must not be at any time you can also stand there and talk with guests, the team of staff is the bridge important to put your products closer to the consumer. Please consider carefully and selected for their optimal personnel to more favorable business.

Push marketing, promote products

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Push marketing

Make good use of the internet and the explosion of social networking sites to promote your products. It is the shortest way to attract the attention of visitors to your shop. This is considered the item sold online run by the intimacy of the communication between shop and customers.

To ensure good quality

Hình ảnh có liên quan

You can sell once with a guest when the quality is not as introduced. But if good quality, durable products, then they will be ready to become the customer’s shop and more is going to drag all of your friends and family to.

Manage and prevent loss

Hình ảnh có liên quan

This is very important, make sure that the security of your product and not lost in the process of selling, otherwise you just go do not work. Combined with management software that helps enhance the professionalism and reliability of customers.













Experience To Open An Online Grocery Store

Grocery business is so familiar to everyone, because every day, grocery stores provide essential items for life. However, the model of online grocery is not yet popular.

Let’s look at online grocery business you need to prepare what not only to live healthy, but also can compete with convenience stores and mini supermarkets that appear more and more popular by consumers.

Goods Source

Sure, this is the most important step. If you already have a grocery store, and want to develop more online grocery models, things will be simple. And everything is new, this is the step you need to be most carefully prepared. Please diversify sources of goods, product designs. To choose reputable sources, wholesale markets and genuine distribution agents are two indispensable choices. In addition, you can import foreign goods if you want to make a difference.

Select a store management software

Kết quả hình ảnh cho management software

With a wide variety of goods, to manage the warehouse really is a headache. And yet, you also have to manage orders, manage loyal customer lists, calculate revenue periodically, balance warehouses. However, with the development of current types of service management software, this is no longer an obstacle. Choose for yourself a grocery store management software, with simple criteria and affordable price for your scale. You will find the management work much easier!

Multi-channel sales

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Facebook and sales website are two indispensable sales channels. However, because the number of goods is extremely terrible, inventory capital is also a relatively headache, develop more sales channels such as e-commerce floor, classifieds forums, … One face to avoid “putting all the eggs in one basket”, on the other hand to develop monthly sales.

Online advertising

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Online advertising

Online grocery models want to be successful, in part, online advertising forms. Please select a suitable advertising campaign in each stage. The first stage is when it was just opened. At this stage, you need to focus on introducing products with promotions and discounts to attract potential customers.

The next stage is when you have been working stably. At this stage, it is necessary to have close customer care policies and attract new customers. The final stage is when the business situation seems to slow down. To stimulate, launch the mini games to increase interactivity, win discount vouchers or sell products by combo.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Delivery app

Different from opening a store, when buying online groceries, customers will request delivery. Therefore, delivery is required to take place. Customers will choose the products they want and you will be sent to the address they want to receive. Your store will be known for its enthusiastic, fast and professional service. Of course, please bind your customers with safe delivery policies and avoid getting a refund!

Customer care policy

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Customer care policy

Good customer care, the business will be convenient. To be grateful and retain close customers, you should regularly send e-mail, text Facebook, phone calls and update discount programs.

However, please balance this, don’t let customers notice they are bothered. When they introduce new customers to you, they can give them small gifts. As for new customers, good product quality will keep them. When they buy for the first time, you should consult enthusiastically and help them choose the most suitable product. Don’t forget the fast delivery, the right to change policy again!

These are the steps to open and develop online groceries. In the booming internet era, solutions for retailing are almost complete, from operation to business development, just by reference and reading shared knowledge, you will definitely succeed.














3 Recipes Online Grocery Sales Are Extremely Quality

Online grocery business is a form of business becoming increasingly widespread in recent years thanks to the strong development of the Internet. But how to apply this business model an effective way?

It is not difficult just you know be 3 tricks:

1. Management of goods by software sales

Different forms of trafficking direct transactions generally, online sales in general or particular grocery online sales often attract a larger customer thanks to usability it brings to consumers. But the store owner then reverses, to be an order online to the customers, the store must receive more stages than in the form of direct purchase. General online business will become a form of business quite dripping as if you do not have the assistance of a sales management software.


Software sales will help you: customer list management, revenue management, inventory, and. with intelligent interface help you easy and convenient operation. Costs you need to spend to have in hand this software is really very affordable, consistent both with the financial conditions of the people who started a new business. A help so indispensable truth, right?

2. Managing the online sales system

To the business of good results, reaching customers is extremely important. There are 2 types of famous sales funnel that you can’t ignore when doing business online that is selling website and facebook fanpage. A simple website with eye catching design with the utility will function as tools to help you add a large number of passengers. Besides taking advantage of the popularity of facebook to put its products accessible to consumers than is also a necessity.


However, the increased number of customers means the cargo increase at this time, to afford everything you need choose the increasing human resources investment or a fanpage management software. Usually receptive to a single online, you need through the following stitches: single, single record reception, packing, submit, wait for the postman delivered success and closing the menu, not to mention the cases of errors and was charged. If the stores have the promotion even larger work.

3. To manage the delivery

One other important factor when you are selling online is the quality of delivery service. The client will ask you to ship to any addresses that can be home, work or school,… Wherever appropriate and convenient to receive their orders. Your store’s reputation is not only the product quality but also depends both on the quality of service delivery, too. Whether your products perfect to work anywhere but if the delivery delay to miss work, the quality of customer products will not be recorded.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

To your store is known for a shop with the same products professional attitude served the most, learn and choose to make a fast delivery service and credibility. Possible long-term commitment to help you with your business development.















Grocery Getter New Applications Help Australians Reduce Shopping Bills

A new application to help Australians to cut spending on the purchase of groceries without having to leave home.

Shawn Singh has emerged the idea of Grocery Getter while out shopping, and he met friend and co-founder of applications – Mussa Kahn to develop this idea.

Grocery Getter is a free app comparison reviews more than 45.000 latest product in Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. “You can build a list of items and the store you want to buy”. – Singh said.

grocery getter australia

After the comparison on application, you can choose to buy at the store or purchase online and select the delivery service. The application will charge a fixed fee is 9.99 dollars for service delivery from the supermarket, plus 20% extra charge for Aldi products.

However, Rebecca Glossop said her groceries bills remain steady in 2 months since using Grocery Getter. “Previously, the invoice of my grocery shopping is near 120 dollars. But with Grocery Getter, I only spend about 70 dollars – a huge saving” – she said.

grocery getter

Currently, Grocery Getter only provides delivery service to some areas of Sydney, but will deploy in Canberra and Melbourne later this year and in Brisbane in the year 2019. The marketing experts of the Queensland University of Technology Gary Mortimer said Australians spend about 3 billion on the purchase of online food and necessities, and this new application will be the bright future for shopping online.

He said: “This kind of applications targeting the target customers are people who like to save about spending for food and necessities every week”. Even the older people that can’t get out and go to the supermarket can also use this nifty shopping.

grocery getter

In addition, Price Hipster is also a useful application that helps hundreds of Australians save spending. The application to help consumers compare prices sold in supermarkets as well as the big chain stores like Bunnings, Dan Murphys, Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi.










Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping

Online shopping has become the norm for most and for good reason. Online stores provide excellent benefits, not only relating to convince but to price, but the range of options and service as well. It’s become exceptionally easy to access online shopping, no matter what you need and the more we do it, the easier it gets. Today, just about everything is available online, whether you’re looking for the latest iPhone or the oldest antiques, the online market has something for everyone and a lot more.

Technology now even allows us to access online grocery stores that deliver straight to your door with the freshest items directly from their shelves. Of course, this once again eliminates the need to travel and adds more time for you to enjoy the things that are really important, including precious time with friends and family.

Online grocery shopping has become a lot easier, especially with the addition of smartphones, fridges that link directly to online stores and home automation like Alexa and OkGoogle making the best choices available. So, what are other advantages of shopping online and why should you consider the option?

Shop Directly from your Fridge and Smartphone

Yes, the latest technology in Fridges from LG and Samsung introduce the ability to shop directly from your fridge. It offers a huge tablet on the front and even helps you keep track of what’s running low as it comes with three cameras taking pictures of the inside each time the door closes.

The fridges link directly to stores and allow you to set up weekly purchases or add items to the current shopping list. The refrigerator automatically places the order, and the items are delivered.

Using your smartphone is just as easy and gives you access to even more online stores. You’re able to browse through all the products available and even match prices with other stores making deliveries in your area. Of course, these stores are available via websites as well, adding the possibility of shopping from your computer, smart TV and much more.

Save in All Possible Ways

Firstly, and most importantly, you’ll get to save time as you would need to make trips to the store anymore. Instead, you can use the time to do things around the house, relax or attend to things that need your attention. Since you won’t be making those trips anymore, it also means you’ll save on gas.

Since you’re connected to various stores via online shopping, you have the option to surfing for specials. Most stores would send you an email to keep you updated on their latest offerings. Not only does this allow you to get the best prices from your favourite stores, but you can shop from various places and get all the best prices, all the time.

You can shop and have items delivered as often as you’d like, meaning waste is a thing of the past as you wouldn’t need to buy things for weeks in advanced. Instead, you always have the freshest food and items in your home.

Samsung Fridge Shops for You

Samsung finally introduces the latest in home automation for your kitchen. No more do you need the shopping lists or regret forgetting something when you return from the shops as you’ll no longer need to go out for groceries at all.

The new Samsung RF22M9581SR French Door fridge comes with a hefty price tag but provides everything you could possibly desire, thanks to a huge 21.5 screen slapped on the front of it. Sure, it tells you all about the fridge, allows you to change settings and even access some cool online features, but the most impressive part about the new revolution is the part MasterCard introduces. Even though it was introduced in 2016, now is the time to buy one as all the small changes have taken place to make it great. MasterCard allows users to link the fridge to online stores such as ShopRite and FreshDirect with many new options now being available.

So, now even our fridges have apps, what else is new?  Well, quite a lot actually. The fridge does a lot more than just improve your shopping abilities as it actually helps you keep track of your groceries. On the inside, it has three cameras that take a picture each time the door closes. This allows the fridge to keep track of things such as the milk levels and what’s not been replaced. You can see this on your iOS or Android app as well, which are also linked directly to the store, allowing you to order items instantly and have them delivered.

Since the fridge links to online stores, it doesn’t only allow you to purchase things that need to be replaced, but other items in the store as well. Whether you need new razor blades, toothpaste or need some new soap, the fridge and the apps on your smartphone allow you to order it instantly.

As if that’s not enough, the Samsung fridge also introduces a new level of entertainment to the first as it can mirror what’s playing on your Samsung Smart TV or play music through your phone or an app on the fridge.

It Learns

As you use the fridge more, it begins to understand your needs and recommends items based on your previous purchases. It can even recommend specials from other linked stores, making it the perfect partner for shopping in every home.

Since the release in 2016, third-party apps have become available for the fridge, allowing you to look at thousands of recipes with step by step instructions. It now also links to Alexa, AppleHome and Google, making it even easier as they can add things to the next cart for you.

In addition to the kitchen, shopping and entertainment apps, use the fridge to keep track of things on your calendar, leave notes for the family and keep up to date with everything everyone else in the house is doing in the month ahead.

Whether you’re simply using it too, keep the fridge stocked, or it becomes your perfect party planning partner. The new Samsung fridge introduces advantages to your kitchens you’ll never be able to do without after getting one.