Online Shopping Pitfalls

Shopping has become much easier in recent years as you can simply use your desktop or mobile device to shop online. You can browse through various online shops to buy anything from food through to clothing. You can even send amazing gifts to family and friends that live on the other side of the world. However, there are multiple pitfalls when it comes to online shopping and that exactly what we will discuss today.

Pitfall 1 – Unable to test the product before you purchase it

When it comes to online shopping, you won’t be able to see the true colour of an item or actually feel the texture. You also can’t test the product in any way before purchasing it. Although most e-commerce sites offer customer support to help you choose a product or item, it still doesn’t beat in-person assistance when you walk into a retail store.

Pitfall 2 – Returning something can be a nightmare

Returning a product or item that you recently purchased online can be time consuming and a hassle. In most cases, you might even have to pay an additional fee to have an item shipped back. You will also find that online retailers will have completely different policies when compared to walk-in retailers. The most common ones include a restocking fee of between 10% and 30% of the original purchase or a no-return policy.

Pitfall 3 – Restocking, handling, and shipping fees

Then there are restocking fees, handling fees, and shipping fees all online shoppers are required to deal with. Should an online merchant forget the follow the guidelines of the Direct Marketing Association on handling and shipping fees, it could potentially face legal action or complaints from law enforcement.

Pitfall 4 – Customer Service

Most people seem to lack patience these days. However, in all fairness, when you contact a customer service representative, you tend to be on hold for hours on end. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a simple answer over the phone, and this happens quite frequently when shopping online.

Pitfall 5 – Inaccurate product descriptions

Some items or products might look bigger and nicer when looking at them on the internet, but once they arrive, you’re in for a nasty surprise as the size of the item was very misleading. Therefore it is highly recommended to search for accurate measurements before purchasing the item or product. In addition, you can look for customer comments and feedback on the product to ensure it’s the right size.

Pitfall 6 – Broken Items

One of the biggest pitfalls to online shopping is poor packaging, especially when it comes to electronic devices. There’s nothing worse than getting excited over your recent purchase only to be devastated when it arrives completely broken and in several pieces. Online retailers, such as Amazon, utilise more bubble wrap, packing tape, and inner boxes to ensure all products are delivered in one piece. Those that neglect this crucial step will eventually have to deal with frustrated customers, and the company name will be dragged through the dirt.