Online Grocery Shopping Reviews

Do you do your grocery shopping online? Have you noticed any issues with it? The chances are that you have and would have benefited from reading online grocery shopping reviews. If you haven’t yet ordered groceries online, then doing so can certainly seem like an appealing option. Why haul yourself down to the local market to pick up some fruit and veggies, when you can sit comfortably at home, order it online and wait for it to arrive. Well, there are several reasons why online grocery shopping may not be all it is cracked up to be.

Fake Reviews

Where will you shop? Many online grocery shoppers rely heavily on reviews to make that decision for them. Solid reviews mean a good place to shop for your groceries online, right? Wrong. Not every review is honest. In fact, there have been cases where online grocers have paid people to write fake reviews, in a bid to lure people into shopping there. A review of an online grocer should never look perfect and full of praise, so look for inconsistencies in that department.

The Devil is in the Details

Short life dates are really going to ruin your day. If you’re planning a big dinner for a few days from now, and you get your meat, and it goes out of date before then, you’re going to be livid. Very few online grocers publish the expiration dates of their products, so if you are going to shop online, it is important that you find an online grocer who does.

Out of Stock

When something is out of stock at an online grocer, you would expect them to return your money, wouldn’t you? We certainly would. In many cases, this happens. However, some online grocers do something naughty instead. They may decide to offer you a product which is similar to what you ordered, but not exactly (perhaps a smaller size). Of course, if you get a larger package or something useful, that’s great. If you don’t, and your grocer just hands out a random product well outside of its price range, you’re going to be furious. Some also refuse a refund but will offer you coupons on a future shop instead, which benefits them not you.

Extra Delivery Fees

Do you really know how much you’re paying? A delivery fee of $10 may sound reasonable to have it delivered at a specific time, and this is a must if you’re ordering frozen. But if you’ve only got dried food in your shop, why should you spend money having something delivered to your door? Check out the best options before you commit to paying extra delivery fees.

Poor Quality Goods

Obviously, you cannot handle your goods when you buy groceries online. This has its drawbacks. A soft cucumber or hard bread may be delivered. You can’t tell until it is too late. This blights all online shoppers, and without a good refund policy (as mentioned above), you could end up with something below par. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about that but complain.