Is it Gluten Free?

More and more people around the globe avoid gluten, and while a third of all adults in America is following this latest food trends, the number of people in Britain, following this healthy lifestyle is increasing by the day. Sales on gluten-free products are soaring, and while some swear by the health benefits of a gluten-free diet, others think it might just be the latest eating disorder.

No Pain No Gain or is it No Grain No Pain?

No matter what you believe, millions if not billions of people are avoiding gluten and, in the UK, alone sales on gluten-free products were up by 15%. Supermarkets across the world are lending more space to gluten-free items, and each of the packages announces what they free-of instead of what the ingredients are. Free from products now announce gluten-free, dairy-free, and preservative-free. Most labels proudly claim that the products are free from dairy, lactose and gluten. Step a few years back and products that were gluten-free where on prescription and only a few people would purchase the more expensive options. Yet over the last few years, the gluten-free market exploded, and some talk-show-hosts jokingly said it could be compared to Satanism.

The Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

Benefits offered by taking in no gluten has been linked to the cure and prevention of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, depression and autism. But then many still wonder what gluten and the explanation are offered by experts is that it is made up from glutenin and gliadin brought together once water and flour mix to bake bread or it can be used in processed foods to provide elasticity or structure. Gluten is also found in rye and barley, so it is not as easy as giving up cakes, bread and all pasta, gluten is also found in sweets, stock cubes and sauces.

Quirke Feels it is a Misconception

Dietician Soined Quirke feels that the latest gluten-free graze is a massive misconception. But what Quirke focus on is that people are moving completely away from gluten, while many still invest in gluten-free most focus on cutting out sugar and flour-made products completely. It a world-wide phenomenon and people are focussing on unprocessed food and healthier eating. It is moving back to basics, using fresh full cream milk instead of processed milk, fresh meat from the farm and many now grow their own vegetables to ensure they are healthy.

The only misconception could be that the middle-man could lose out, the question is who is dilutional, those trying to keep people hooked on an unhealthy lifestyle stand to gain much as they had over the past decades. What really counts is how much more energy gluten-avoiders have, how much better they feel and how many diabetes sufferers now are completely healed. If that is what a misconception-style life-style is all about, well it sounds brilliant, and it is no wonder that millions are following gluten-free lifestyles.