Insight into Digital Online Grocery Shoppers Around the Globe

Field Agent recently released a special report focussed on digital shoppers, and after conducting a survey on almost 10,000 US adult shoppers in March 2018 found that 26% of shoppers go online to purchase packaged groceries, while 18% buy fresh groceries. There is an urgency with brands, retailers and agencies to understand online shoppers since soon buying paper towels and peanut butter online could be the rule instead of the exception.

The special report revealed that of the digital shoppers that purchase 100% of all their groceries online, 79% also purchase footwear online, personal electronics were purchased online by 81%, home goods by 83%, entertainment 86% and 90% also bought clothes online.

Digital Shoppers Around the World

When it comes down to online shopping internationally 20% of United Kingdom shoppers buy over half of their household consumables and groceries online, while 11% of Australian shoppers do the same and so does 6% of consumers in the United States, 6% in South Africa, 4% Germany and 2% of Canadians. Further investigation also revealed where international digital shoppers prefer to spend their money. That showed that in the United Kingdom 55% of online purchases took place at Amazon and 51% at Tesco. In Australia it was 57% at Woolworths vs 46% at Coles, and77% of Canadians buy from Amazon and 46% from Walmart. In Germany, 76% buy online from Amazon and 6% from Allyouneedfresh, and in South Africa, 65% order online from Takealot while 42% purchase from PicknPay. The United States, the 72% of the population prefer Amazon and 63% Walmart.

The Online Shopper’s Voyage

When it comes to online shopping or rather pre-shopping, 55% of digital shoppers surveyed created a shopping list before going to their favourite online shop, while 12% prefilled shopping carts with their planned purchases. Further investigation into digital shoppers who made shopping lists showed that handwritten shopping lists were used by 69%. When it comes to shoppers who did not use any lists, 67% shopped by remembering what items they needed, while 46% of digital shoppers use their previous purchases to order.

Online Shopping Habits

It is most important for retailers to understand online shoppers in order to make the experience even more convenient and when shoppers habits are surveyed it could offer quite the insight. Of the 10,000 shoppers, 69% shopped and purchased everything they needed in one session, while around 10% did shopping in at least three or more sessions. Auto-refills was used by 7% of digital shoppers, and top category purchases included 65% fresh and 65% chilled dairy products, 33% canned foods, 34% meat and 38% salty snacks. Of the digital shoppers, 39% would not buy fresh products online since they prefer in-person inspection of the items. When it comes to sticking to planned purchased 57% bought mostly the items on their shopping list while 29% only purchased that what was needed according to their pre-shopping list.