Grocery Shopping: Future and Inspiring Initiatives

While the option of ordering food online continues to grow, more than ever so is the future of grocery shopping. There are a ton of influencing factors that determine the future. These include lifestyle choices, dietary requirements, changes in eating habits and the everchanging food trends. Food retail requires a change and researchers have a few predictions about some of the inspiring initiatives that are bound to change the future of food shopping.

One Hour Ingredient Delivery Service by Hellmann’s

Hellmann’s is known by most as an iconic mayonnaise brand, as well quite a big range of condiments, apart from its range of brilliant products the company also partnered with Quiqip and launched a brand-new cook and bye service. Anyone who has used or is planning to use the beta app or alternatively the website of Hellmann’s will know that clients can select what they need to prepare one of the recipes. Quiqup then lists the ingredients and all required are delivered to your doorstep within an hour.

The recipes displayed use products from Hellmann’s and the ingredients are from the retailers that work with Quiqup, including local independent stores and large supermarket chains. The new one-hour ingredient delivery service not only boosts the brand, but it is extra convenient should you decide to make a quick meal or when unexpected guests turn up. If your fridge is completely empty all that is needed is deciding what you would like to prepare for the guests, no list needed as they have the complete recipe and once you completed the number of quests you cater for, you’ll have everything you need within an hour, no driving involved and you get to enjoy the quests.

Recipes provided, and all ingredients delivered within an hour, this new action not only positions Hellman’s as one of the most favoured and versatile it also shows their ability to provide much-needed innovation when it comes to comfort and ways to prepare a meal in a hurry. Quiqup benefits from the online demand for quick delivery, and once anyone gets used to the convenience, it ensures repeat business. The service offered by Hellman’s in conjunction with Quiqup is currently exclusive to its London operation although the company is already planning on further expansion.

Based on Browsing History – Personalised Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has recently partnered with Google to provide an in-store personalised service. At the end of soft drink aisles in more than 250 stores across the USA, the digital screens will communicate with the smartphones of shoppers to access IP addresses. Collected data including the consumer’s age, gender and shopping habits will then be determined which add will the screen at the time, and all advertisements will be tailored around the data collected.

This new way of collecting data is a new way of using tailor advertisements although some feel it is invasive, while Coca-Cola answered that the information used is that what people already offer to google and will include their browsing histories. While the new way of advertising is great for stores, it is also a way to create new online advertising that could reach people doing all their grocery shopping online.