Going to jail is still free to shop online in China

 Prison in Guangdong Province, China has just officially launched an online shopping platform for detainees detained with a variety of items, mainly daily necessities, school supplies, Dietary foods, cigarettes, gifts, etc.

Conghua was selected as the first prison in China, as well as in the world, to operate this strange form of shopping.

During the pilot period from the beginning of January to the end of April, prisoners made more than 13,000 orders and bought more than 400,000 products. It is noted that no cases of quality problems or transportation.

Prisoners have full access to online shopping stations, located in the large halls of each prison floor, to buy their favorite items. Currently, there are more than 200 items, including 68 product groups, mainly daily necessities, school supplies, diet foods, cigarettes, gifts,…

According to statistics, thanks to the application of online shopping, the items provided for prisoners are 60% more diverse than the traditional model.

Here, each prisoner will be granted a separate account, and login based on their password or using their fingerprints. The price that prisoners have to pay is similar to the outside, such as a 500ml Coca-Cola bottle sold for 2.5 yuan (about 8,000 VND), or a pair of sandals cost about 39 yuan ( about 131 thousand dong).

In addition to the payment machines, the prison also set up a refrigerator system for prisoners to store drinks with their names posted on them.

According to statistics, essentials such as instant noodles, milk, meat, sausages,… and cigarettes are the best selling products.

Each prisoner can only shop once a month, so they will often have to prepare a list of items to buy.

“At first, I didn’t know how to use a payment machine, so I avoided using it,” said a 52-year-old prisoner – who had never online shopping before – said. “However, with the help of the police and other prisoners, I gradually got used to it. This will help me better adjust to society later, after I get out of prison.”

E-commerce is considered a feature in China, when almost everything can be purchased online, and by simple methods like scanning QR codes, using fingerprints, etc. Many beggars in China also ask for money from travelers by scanning a QR code and transferring money to an electronic wallet.