Going the Extra Mile for Grocery Shopping in Alaska

The online grocery trade has reached nearly most regions in the first world. Although, not every region that offers online grocery shopping is easily accessible, especially in rural Alaska where there are no set roads to transverse through. Though a company, Greatland Grocery & Supply, is slowly changing the game so residents in rural Alaska can enjoy the benefits of shopping for their groceries online.

It all began in July when The Anchorage, and Alaskan based online grocery seller, started to serve all of rural Alaska, which is home to nearly 350,000 people who are all cosily spread across a massive reach of 250 communities. Though while launching, two problems promptly showed up – the stores themselves were on the smaller scale and the lack of roads and traversable land between the villages.

Clinton White, the duel present and founder of Greatland Grocery & Supply was one of the first to notice these issues and take action. In his official statement, his overview of how the companies main focus was to service the Alaskan residents who are ordering groceries online. Typically, the groceries are all barged in, or flown in – depending on the season. Which, as White continued, can become a massive cost on the company’s side. This is where Greatland comes into the picture. The company eliminates the process for the buyers to plan for shipment and delivery by using their website or smartphone app instead. On the plus side, Greatland sells more than just typical grocery items as the company has a massive stock filled with health and beauty related items along with other groceries.

What is Greatland

As mentioned before, the company was founded by Clinton White to solve the main issues regarding delivering online groceries to residents in rural Alaska. The company opened in July and has since created a massive impact for those who are residing in rural Alaska. In total, the company sells nearly 30,000 items on its website, which can also be accessed by a mobile device/app. Plus, Greatland specialises in delivery to the rural Alaskan areas.

Regarding the delivery, the company uses a private carrier which White, the founder, has stated is cheaper than using a mainstream postal service, such as UPS. This has become mutually beneficial for the company saving some money as well as the consumers saving nearly 25% on their food costs and travel costs to get the food.

Though, By-Pass Mail, the name of the delivery aspect of the operation, does come with some prerequisites. The major one being that for delivery to take place, there must be at least 1,000 pounds worth of grocery – which at first may seem to be a hassle, is not that costly on the considered side as they will receive discounts once the weight goal has been reached. Greatland is known for putting money back into the consumer household as the company offers a 5% cashback on each grocery purchase as well as food baskets to save even more money on the consumer side.