Five Tips to Find Grocery Coupons Online

You can save a lot of money when you use coupons for grocery shopping. With the Internet, there are now a few ways where you can really get the bang for your buck buying groceries online. Here are five tips on where to find grocery coupons online.

Use a Simple Search Engine

With all the online coupons available these days one of the best things to do is simply type in grocery store coupons into your search engine. Look at all the websites that offer them and if they are right for you in what you are looking for. Also, maybe see if the sites offer printable coupons that you can print out and then take to the store for big savings. No matter what you are looking for chances are you can find a coupon for it online it just takes a little research.

Get in Touch with the Store

Often, when you write to a store, they will give you a lot of coupons. They know that you took the time to write to them and they want your business, which is why they will offer you coupons. Got to the website of a store and contact them whether it be a question, complaint, or other issue and you may get rewarded. Also, many of the biggest store websites will have downloadable coupons right on their site, and you can print them out and see how much money you can save. The old saying of no risk no reward does not ring true here, as there is no risk from contacting a store online to see what they have on offer and to see what they may offer you from simply getting in touch with them letting them know you mean to do business with them.

Mobile Coupons

There are many programs and applications where you can directly download grocery coupons to your smartphone. Simply redeem them at the store to get your discount and if you are happy to keep doing it, as the coupons are plentiful. Also, you can really save some money using a mobile coupon, as often can be paired with other coupons on the same item to save more. There are some apps where you will need to spend a minimum amount to use the coupon, but often it is worth it in the long run.

Give eCoupons a Shot

Many of the bigger grocery store chains will have a loyalty card, and they will offer their members eCoupons, which are loaded automatically on your phone or computer if you are a member. You can check out if a chain or store has a website and if you can get eCoupons for registering for their service. This is a nice option for coupons, as you pick the ones from the website you want and it is added to your loyalty account, so you do not need to print out or carry any coupons on you.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Many times, if you are hooked up to a stores social media feed, such as their Facebook page, you can get special coupons for doing so. From Twitter to Facebook and all the social media outlets you can find coupons out there, and there are also grocery coupon distributors like Mycoupons that have a lot of coupons for their followers. Not only are there coupons, but you can also find promotional codes and Daily Deals and contests, where you can save even more money.