Shopping Online While Social Distancing (part 1)

How to shop online safely and effectively during this disease?

To shop online safely during the epidemic, you should identify the right reasons and things to buy to save time as well as money. After that, please follow the prevention rules when receiving goods to protect yourself.

Foods that are dry and easy to preserve

The evolution of the disease has changed the psychology as well as the daily living habits of many people, especially the shopping habit. In times of keeping social distance, consumers tend to buy more food to store.

However, to avoid over-buying or buying unnecessary products, make smart purchases and choose foods based on the following criteria: saving, easy processing, and nutritional value Nursing and have a long time to use. You should buy eggs, noodles, tubers like carrots, sweet potatoes or fresh foods that can be stored long in the freezer like pork, chicken, fish, etc.

In addition, to supplement nutrients and increase resistance, consumers should also choose supporting foods such as ginseng, ready-to-eat bird’s nest or honey to add to the family’s diet, which helps improve immunity. They will enhance the immune system in particular and the overall health in general.

Types of necessities

During a complex epidemic, the most important thing to prevent is to keep personal hygiene and clean the house regularly. Even indoors, you often come into contact with potentially bacteria-containing surfaces like doorknobs, tables and chairs and more. Therefore, washing your hands with soap to remove dirt and bacteria from your hands will help prevent infection.

Not only that, keeping the home clean and well-ventilated so as not to create conditions for bacteria to grow. In addition to regular soap, multi-purpose cleaning fluid will be an effective aid in eliminating bacteria as well as molds that are hard to see with the naked eye, which helps limit the cause of infection.

Work From Home Due to COVID-19: How to Avoid Wasting On Online Shopping

If you are not alert, you will spend money wasting on addiction to online shopping when the company allows you to work from home.

If you’re an employee who is asked to work remotely to prevent COVID-19, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time at home online and watching shopping as a fun recess. But during a pandemic, this is not the time to spend money on unnecessary things. Before ordering clothes, shoes, electronics or other miscellaneous items, consider the following tips to avoid overspending.

Set web surfing time

Instead of opening a new tab to entertain and relax in your browser whenever you’re bored or restless, set yourself a few hours to be allowed online shopping. week. Here’s advice from Sara Sara Skirboll, a retail expert at RetailMeNot. This not only helps to reduce unnecessary spending but also to maintain the work in a focused, more transparent manner throughout the working day.

Wait 24 hours before payment

Online stores make it easy to pay instantly, by just clicking a button. But before doing this, give yourself 24 hours of delay to think about a purchase. That is, you put the product in the cart but leave it overnight. If it’s impulsive spending, the delay time will help you calm down and don’t want to waste money on that item anymore. You might be wondering a few questions to help avoid impulsive purchases: How will this item add value to your life? Does it really have a good price? Do you really need it?

Survey of commodity prices

If you have thought about a purchase and are about to buy it, compare prices at various websites before ordering. This is something that shoppers should always do before making any deal. Check out other retailers and make sure you get the best deal, before clicking the first one you see.

Remember that some items tend to go down at certain times of the year. If you want to save money, the time you buy is sometimes more important than where you buy it. For example, the weather is warmer than when fashion businesses will lower the price of winter clothes.

How to buy goods on Thai websites online?

To buy Thai goods online is not too difficult but to find the website link to order Thai products is not simple. We would like to introduce a list of reputable online Thai sales websites.

Thai e-commerce summary

In Thailand, e-commerce is quite developed but there is a clear stratification so there are not too many options for customers if they want to buy online at reputable websites.

Unlike websites in the US, UK, South Korea, China, the online sales websites in Thailand are less known, so fewer people buy goods online through these websites but mostly direct goods.

To overcome these difficulties, Vologi offers a number of famous and reputable Thai online sales websites so that you can refer to your choice of suitable items.

Thai online sales websites

Thai Lazada (

Number 1 online sales website in Thailand is Lazada. This website allows business users to register direct sales to consumers through stores.

We Love Shopping (

This is the oldest onine sales website in Thailand and there are many types of items on sale here.

Previously, We love shopping was Thailand’s No. 1 website in the field of e-commerce, but in recent years because of Lazada’s fierce competition, it dropped to 2nd place. However, this is also a website. have a high traffic and relatively large transaction volume. We love shopping goods are also quite secure so it is also a good source to import to Vietnam for business

Tarad (

Behind the two famous names is Tarad. This is a website selling directly from sellers to buyers.

Goods on Tarad are quite diverse and there are many extremely cheap products. However, unlike the two B2C sales websites above, this is an inter-personal sales website so the reputation and product quality you should also be aware when buying.

Looksi (

Like the zalora of Thailand, looksi also focuses on the retail of fashion and cosmetics online to individual consumers.

After Zalora withdrew from Thailand in 2017, many fashion retail websites appeared to take over and Looksi was one of the leading websites among them. They have impressive growth and now have more than 500 brands, 50,000 products are sold online with hundreds of new products appearing every week.

If you want to buy quality Thai fashion products, you can visit the website and choose a outfit you like. Website designed with 2 languages Thai and English.

Going to jail is still free to shop online in China

 Prison in Guangdong Province, China has just officially launched an online shopping platform for detainees detained with a variety of items, mainly daily necessities, school supplies, Dietary foods, cigarettes, gifts, etc.

Conghua was selected as the first prison in China, as well as in the world, to operate this strange form of shopping.

During the pilot period from the beginning of January to the end of April, prisoners made more than 13,000 orders and bought more than 400,000 products. It is noted that no cases of quality problems or transportation.

Prisoners have full access to online shopping stations, located in the large halls of each prison floor, to buy their favorite items. Currently, there are more than 200 items, including 68 product groups, mainly daily necessities, school supplies, diet foods, cigarettes, gifts,…

According to statistics, thanks to the application of online shopping, the items provided for prisoners are 60% more diverse than the traditional model.

Here, each prisoner will be granted a separate account, and login based on their password or using their fingerprints. The price that prisoners have to pay is similar to the outside, such as a 500ml Coca-Cola bottle sold for 2.5 yuan (about 8,000 VND), or a pair of sandals cost about 39 yuan ( about 131 thousand dong).

In addition to the payment machines, the prison also set up a refrigerator system for prisoners to store drinks with their names posted on them.

According to statistics, essentials such as instant noodles, milk, meat, sausages,… and cigarettes are the best selling products.

Each prisoner can only shop once a month, so they will often have to prepare a list of items to buy.

“At first, I didn’t know how to use a payment machine, so I avoided using it,” said a 52-year-old prisoner – who had never online shopping before – said. “However, with the help of the police and other prisoners, I gradually got used to it. This will help me better adjust to society later, after I get out of prison.”

E-commerce is considered a feature in China, when almost everything can be purchased online, and by simple methods like scanning QR codes, using fingerprints, etc. Many beggars in China also ask for money from travelers by scanning a QR code and transferring money to an electronic wallet.

Louis Vuitton opens an online shopping site in China

The famous brand Louis Vuitton opened an online sales site in China to take advantage of the world’s largest luxury goods market.

Louis Vuitton first entered the Southeast Asian market in 1978 with the opening of the first store in Japan. In 2002, the Louis Vuitton building was opened at Ometesando, in Tokyo. This place is considered the largest and most avoided Louis Vuitton store in the world. Cherry blossom is the poetic inspiration of Louis Vuitton, and is the largest market of the company in Asia with a strong and widespread brand fever, with a total of about 62 stores across the country.

Louis Vuitton is one of the brands with anti-counterfeiting policies very early on, but at the same time, products named Louis Vuitton are also the most abused objects in the world.  The new Louis Vuitton website will allow customers to buy the product from the brand’s skin, shoes, accessories, watches, jewelry and fragrances, the announcement released yesterday. Initially, the service was applied to 12 cities, including Beijing and Shanghai. Then it will be expanded.


The luxury goods market in China is recovering, after years of failures because of its anti-corruption campaign in the country. Hermes International, Kering and LVMH – the company that owns the Louis Vuitton brand, all announced good business growth. this year. Louis Vuitton started selling online in France in 2005 and has expanded to 11 countries.

China’s e-commerce is currently dominated by domestic firms such as Alibaba and Louis Vuitton said customers can use payment applications such as Alibaba’s Alipay or Tencent’s WeChat transfer feature.

Chinese customers are very fond of luxury goods. They often line up outside Louis Vuitton stores around the world to buy this French brand product. However, online luxury sales here are slowing down, as brands want to keep monopolies.


Competition here is also getting tougher, when last month, bought $397 million worth of shares in online fashion retailer Farfetch (UK). Gucci also opened an e-commerce website in China this month.

LVMH is reforming its online business strategy. In May, they launched a multi-brand retail website called, to compete with brands like Yoox-Net-a-Porter and Farfetch.

Online buying the extremely toxic Nike Shox Total running shoes

After more than 10 years of absence, Nike will revive Nike Shox Total running shoes. This is considered the return of Shox technology that caused fever in the early years of the 21st century. You can buy this prouduct online at the official website of Nike brand.

Between 2000 and 2004, Nike launched the new shoe cushion technology named “Shox”. This technology applies to basketball shoes, jogging and tennis. When it was first launched, Nike Shox shoes gained great attention thanks to its unique creativity. Shox technology with spring dampers has never been used by any company with sports shoes at that time.


However, after a while, sales of Nike Shox shoes did not meet Nike’s expectations. This is explained by the fact that Shox technology is not really effective. Nike Shox is said to be too strange design. Meanwhile, Nike’s other cushioning technologies with more advantages are giving the company higher sales. Therefore, Nike Shox shoes gradually sink into oblivion.


Nearly a decade later, Nike began to revive Shox technology. However, Nike has just released a limited number of products aimed at customers who are “Sneakerhead” who have a hobby of collecting shoes. Products sold by Nike include Nike Shox TLX Mid SP in 2014 and Nike Shox Gravity in 2017. Both are sold only in some Nike specialty stores. This time, the world’s largest shoe company wants to bring Shox technology back to running shoes. If successful, the product will quickly be widely available.


Nike takes a good care of this time. Instead of arranging Shox buffer in the base like previous versions. This version, Nike has integrated 11 Shox buffers along the length of the shoe sole. Buffers are made of better elastic polyurethane materials than rubber but lighter in weight. Thanks to that, the shoes will provide better protection for users’ feet but are light in weight.

The development of e-commerce in the world

The interesting fact is that most of the largest companies topped the e-commerce market and they are all offline. And now you can see the comprehensive transformation of the business market into e-commerce.

So let’s consider the development of the aspects of e-commerce:

 1. E-commerce

Some years ago, online shopping with mobile devices was the exception rather than the rule. But now, the purchase rate made through mobile devices is up to 25%. And every year this segment grows much faster than other products. That means if your store is not responsive (adapted to mobile devices), you will lose up to 25% of potential buyers.


In addition, more than a year ago, Google announced the new rules of the site ranking algorithm. It depends on website optimization for mobile devices. Therefore, your rate will be lower and lower if your site doesn’t adapt. And you will lose customers again. These trends are recognized as the strongest trend, at least that’s optimized for mobile devices and using mobile technologies at the advanced level. It includes geolocation and other promising ideas.

2. Big data

At the present time, most of the largest stores collect and analyze a large amount of different information about their customers. The trend is not in the fact that using big data instead of strengthening the role of these data. This is very valuable information for marketing and proper collection and use will allow you to increase conversions multiple times. Today we can collect information from various sources such as computers, phones, external websites, etc. From each source, we can collect different data including the number of clicks, customers’ behaviors, average buying size as well as hundreds of other parameters. Moreover, we can connect all these parameters in a system.

3. Personalize users

This is a special tool for personal sales and even more. Some years ago, it was quite difficult to personalize the store. Usually, for these purposes, the store owner has used the information provided directly by the customer in the user account. Today, with the development of Big Data, stores can be configured very accurately. Technologies can not only understand customers but also predict their behavior. Personalized product recommendations based on pre-orders are excellent and it will be growing more and more.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The development of E-commerce in the world

4. E-commerce socialization

That is the trend of accumulation over the past few years. E-commerce becomes social when people affect others to buy. This technology can include social media integration as well as socializing web stores and using the data collected in social networks to personalize.

5. Shipping shipping service

Fast and free shipping – it is a very important factor for e-commerce today. Consumers don’t care about your problem. They only care about the speed of delivery and the price. And the big problem is that many people do not want to wait a few days to receive orders, so delivery factors play a huge role. Therefore, fast and free shipping can make customers make choices. And if you find the most reliable shipping method, you will gain the loyalty and trust of consumers.


6. Development trend of e-commerce in the coming time

The world’s largest e-commerce market share is made up of electronic devices, clothing, and accessories. The proportion of these goods in developed countries is less than 40-45%. So, there is no doubt that e-commerce is dominating the global market at a great pace. And you have to be very attentive and responsive to any changes in new trends and always to stay up to date and continue to prosper for your business.

Buy high quality Dunlop Sport apparel online

Dunlop Sport is considered as one of the addresses of prestigious online high-end online shopping, sports equipment.

Where to buy high-end sports equipment and equipment online? Dunlop Sport offers a wide range of products used in Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Golf, Badminton and clothing products, shoes, socks and other accessories.

Dunlop Sport is the world famous sports fashion brand with over 100 years of development from the UK. Dunlop Sport offers a wide range of products used in Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Golf, Badminton and clothing products, shoes, socks and other accessories.


Dunlop tennis ball is always the world’s leading ball in terms of technology, durability and suitability for all pitch and conditions. Tennis balls Dunlop is the official match of Grand Slam Roland Garros until 2011 and Monte-Carlo Rolex Master tournaments (ATP 1000), Mutu Madrid Master (ATP 1000), Rome Master (ATP 1000), Barcelona Open (ATP 500) ) and other tournaments of the Professional Tennis Association (ATP).

Officially appearing for the first time in the 1936 Wimbledon tournament, Dunlop is the most used and devoted tennis racket brand in Wimbledon’s award structure that year and later years, with the first championship belongs to female tennis player Helen Jacobs. Since then, Dunlop has continued to be the choice of top players, contributing a lot in the world record history table as Jaroslav (Wimbledon champion 1954); Lew Hoad (Wimbledon champion, Australia – France expanded 1956); Rod Laver (champion of Wimbledon 1969); John Mcenroe (champion of Wimbledon 1980); and most recently doubles champion Iveta Benesova and Jurgen Melzer (Wimbledon 2011).


With a history of more than 100 years of establishment, Dunlop Sport is known for its top quality products, besides, Dunlop Sport is constantly creative, constantly researching and applying new technologies to products to Bring users the best products.

Dunlop Sport provides sports apparel such as tennis, badminton, basketball, jogging, gym, football, sports fashion. Customers can visit the website to choose for themselves and their families the appropriate sports apparel and equipment. With the modern, attractive web interface, very easy to use, it will bring the experience of buying great online sports apparel for you.


What are you waiting for? Please visit website to choose for yourself the high-end sports clothes and equipment suitable for you and your loved ones. Contribute to improving the quality of sports exercises, bringing the body fresh, healthy children from which to work and study effectively.

5 famous online selling websites in Germany

Today, with the development of the Internet and the growth of the global e-commerce market, buying goods in Germany in particular and international goods, in general, have become easier and simpler than ever.

You only need to sit at home, have an Internet-connected device such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, access to the Germany e-commerce website you want to buy and perform some extremely simple tasks. Easily, quickly get your favorite item.

1. Amazon Germany

Headquartered in the United States, Amazon is the largest online sales website in the world today. Since its inception Amazon has conquered major markets and has established separate websites in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Amazon Japan, and China. And this is Amazon’s website dedicated to the German market. At Amazon Germany, you can find many quality items to buy such as DVDs, CDs, MP3s, computer software, video games, furniture, food, toys, electronics, etc. with extremely attractive prices.

2. Ebay Germany

The Ebay Group manages the US shopping site, which is a US company, specializing in online auctions, where people around the world can buy or sell goods and services. Like Amazon, purchases on Ebay have grown all over the world, with branches in several other countries, in which Germany is more focused on Ebay. And the website is the online shopping and auction website of Ebay for the Federal Republic of Germany. It concentrates all kinds of goods from Germany and the EU, giving you the freedom to choose.

3. Zara Germany

Zara is a popular Spanish fashion brand that sells the world’s most prestigious and famous clothing and fashion accessories. At Zara, you can buy yourself beautiful, strange and trendy clothes, catch up with the latest fashion trends today at extremely affordable prices, suitable for the pocket of most consumers.

Zara always approaches the most exciting fashion markets to develop and Germany is a dynamic market not to be missed. Zara has set up a website dedicated to the German market, which is In Germany, Zara develops a system of direct selling stores, so you can find any Zara store.

4. ASOS Germany is a popular British retail fashion website, if you are a fashionista who loves online shopping, then the name ASOS is a shopping paradise for you. ASOS has a branch in Germany with the website: If you are looking to buy German fashion, ASOS is a great choice for you.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 4. ASOS Germany

At ASOS, you can find clothing items, shoes, accessories of famous brands for both men and women at extremely affordable prices. The reason why AOS brand is very popular with the shoppers is that its customer service is extremely good, especially the very fast shipping, ASOS also applies the Free Delivery form (free shipping). In many countries around the world, and above all, receive goods to Asian countries.

5. H&M Germany

H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB is a multinational fashion retailer based in Sweden known around the world, and is H&M e-commerce site. in the German market. H&M has extremely diverse fashion, famous for fast fashion items for men, women, teenagers and children. At H&M, new models are constantly updated on the website, giving you the freedom to choose.

Top 2 World Famous Online Shopping Websites In 2019

If you are a fan of online shopping, especially foreign purchases, you can’t ignore the list of world-famous online selling websites.

These are 2 websites specializing in international online shipping. Goods on these websites are very diverse, high reputation, will definitely help you satisfy your shopping addiction.


The world’s number one online shopping website, named Amazon, coincides with the world’s longest river. Founded in 1994 in Seattle (Wasington, USA) by immortal Jeff Bezos, Amazon over the years has become a household name when it comes to online shopping.


Over a long period of birth and development, from an online bookstore Amazon has gradually expanded its size and influence to become one of the famous multinational e-commerce companies around the world. world. The products that Amazon offers are no longer limited to books, but include books, discs, CDs, electronics, appliances, toys, fashion items of all countries in the world.

In addition to its US headquarters and an online store for the United States, Amazon has set up separate websites for different countries on other continents like Canada, England, Germany, France, China and Japan.

Choosing to buy online on Amazon is a smart way to buy, so you can choose the best items, quality and best fit your needs.

You can also freely choose, compare prices, evaluate products before deciding to buy without fear of complaining like traditional purchasing. Amazon is built on the foundation of a combination of brand, customers, technology, professional distribution capabilities for e-commerce and a strong team of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for innovation. and serve our customers the best they can.

Officially established in 1995, eBay is the 2nd largest online shopping website in the world after eBay is headquartered in the United States and some branches in some other countries such as England, Canada, France and currently no offices and representatives in Vietnam. In particular, the eBay group also owns another famous brand which is Paypal.


The most unique difference of Ebay is that it becomes a website for you to buy products/services in the form of Ebay auctions as an outside auction. Accordingly, when customers pay a higher price will buy that item.

Every day on Ebay, millions and millions of sales and purchases of tools, equipment, computers, watches, home appliances, motorbike accessories, etc. You can find strange and unique items on Ebay. a world where few reputable websites sell.

Besides, you are guaranteed benefits when buying and selling on Ebay when all transactions are through Paypal.